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Quotes are based off of event, not by number of days.

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  • All of our tents use 3-foot stakes to hold them in place securely, therefore, we only place tents on grass surfaces. 

  • Due to the set up of the tent, please make sure the space allows for 8 additional feet in both length and width to chosen tent size.

  • Utilities will need to be marked prior to set up day and is your responsibility to complete. This is a free service.

  • The tents weigh several hundred pounds each and therefore we need to be able to pull our truck and trailer within 30 feet of the tent location.


We have seven different tables to choose from.

  • 8-Foot Banquet: Seats 8 people comfortably.

  • 60" Round: Seats 6 people comfortably.

  • 72" Round: Seats 8 people comfortably. 

  • Cocktail tables make great additions to an event. They can also be used for cake tables, display tables, etc.

  • Sweetheart tables are shorter than the cocktail tables and are perfect for kid tables or bride and groom tables.

  • Fill and Chill tables are great options to store drinks or items that require to be kept cool such as salads, fruit and condiments. They come in both white and black.

  • Picnic tables are perfect for a more casual setting.

Note: We do not have linens available for rent.


We have two types of chairs available. Both come in black and white options. 

  • Fanback Chairs:  A resin plastic chair. They have a little give in them.

  • Garden Chairs: A sturdy chair with a padded seat. 

Dance Floor

  • The dance floor is 15-feet by 15-feet.

  • A flat surface is required for the installation of the dance floor.

  • It does require professional installation, so delivery is required for this item.

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Perfect for holding beverages for your event. The trough is 6 feet by 2 feet by 3 feet.

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Bounce House

Will require a 20x25 flat surface with no power lines overhead.

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Delivery: Reminder that both the tents and the dance floor requires delivery. Price is determined based on distance from our location.


Exact delivery times are provided the week of the event. They are based on location and other orders. Delivery days are typically Thursday and Fridays. Day and time requests can be made based on the availability of your venue.


If you choose to pick up your items, our pick up window is from 3:00-6:00 on Friday afternoons. Additional times can be made available upon request.

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Set Up and Take Down


Delivery is not the same as set up and take down. It is expected that items will be stacked and wrapped as they were delivered prior to scheduled pick-up. If you would like set up, take down or both, there are additional fees charged. 

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Thanks for submitting! Please allow for 72 hours for a response.


If you are looking for a rental quote, please use the Request a Quote form above. For other inquiries, please send an email to 

2022 US Highway 12 Baldwin WI 54002


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